Roosevelt Inlet Jetty


Lewes, Delaware


Date(s)            Construction and Rehabilitation History


1908                A 1,263-ft-long stone-filled timber crib jetty was constructed on the west side of the inlet.


1911-1914, 1917, 1920, 1923


                        Stone replacement repairs were made each of these years.  Cause of damage was due to inadequate jetty design; waves easily damaged the timber cribs.  The cribs were also permeable to sand.


1937                The timber crib jetty was replaced by two steel sheet-pile jetties, constructed 500 ft apart, on the east and west sides of the inlet.  Both jetties were 1,700 ft long. Crest elevations were +8.0 ft mlw, except the shoreward ends which were +10.0 ft mlw.


1939                The jetties had deteriorated due to corrosion.


1944                The jetties were flanked and rubble was placed along the east bank.  The additional rubble extended the east jetty shoreward 400 ft.  The possibility of the west jetty becoming completely flanked was determined to be remote; therefore, no rubble was placed on the west bank.  Seaward ends of both jetties were repaired due to deterioration by corrosion.


1985                The jetties are in poor condition and are ineffective.  They are considered a navigation hazard and are to be removed.